GUTMANN LARA GF Curtain Wall A modular system – Room for ideas
The mullion-transom glazing system LARA GF offered by GUTMANN AG is a curtain wall system ideal for large-area and multi-level glass surfaces divided up in many sections. LARA GF is just as suitable for sophisticated glass roofs as it is for classic winter gardens. In combination with the passive house-certified window system MIRA-therm 08, the highly insulating mullion-transom curtain wall system LARA GF is an intelligent solution for superior passive house curtain wall construction. This innovative system gives architects and customers high-quality technology and nearly endless freedom in designing.


  • Laminated timber frame (Pine, Oak, Sapele)
  • Fully factory finished ready to install
  • Double & Triple glazing available
  • The glazing system is screwed onto simple square glue-laminated wood pieces or onto certified laminated veneer wood pieces (e.g. steel or aluminium beams). Therefore, no special preparation of the transom profile is necessary.
  • LARA GF features maximum tightness, even with multiple divided sections. It facilitates overlap of the interior mullion-transom gaskets on four levels at the T-joint and thus gives architects and planners more room to realise their ideas.
  • A special gasket with rubber friction seal makes the so-called transom drainage and field-by-field drainage possible.
  • The glass is taken up completely within the profile system. Glass thicknesses of 9 to 50 mm are available.
  • The wood attachment construction in 50 mm face widths offers further curtain wall design options.
  • LARA GF perfect for combination with wood-aluminium insertion windows and doors from the MIRA, SYSTEM 4000 and NORWIN systems.
  • LARA GF can be manufactured in different face widths of 50, 60, or 80 mm.

Swiss quality by


All our aluminium profiles are powder coated using leading IGP Pulvertechnik AG (Switzerland)

powders and coatings.  Marine powder coating available for better protection of windows on coastal locations.

IGP-DURA®face  Weather-resistant coating system for metal facades and structural components in exterior environments.

IGP-DURA®vent  Outgassing-friendly, weather-resistant coating powder for application on exhalating substrates.

IGP-HWF Highly weather-resistant coating powder with low curing temperatures.

Freedom of choice by TEKNOS (Finland)

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer windows coated with paints and stains from leading Europe’s manufacturer TEKNOS

Windows can be painted to any RAL Classic colour chart colours.

Dual colour available. (Windows, doors painted with different colours outside & inside).

Various stains available as standard. If there is a requirement to match interior or exterior stain colours to existing elements (Flooring, furniture etc ) Nonstandard stains available on request.

All windows are finished with Teknos Total Factory Applied Protection (TFAP) systems which allow joinery manufacturers to produce fully engineered exterior joinery, with almost unlimited colour choice, in a single integrated finishing process.

By combining topically applied preservation technology, novel end-grain and joint sealing with protective basecoats and a flexible microporous paint system, the Teknos system allows manufacturers to meet the latest European performance standards whilst reducing process times and working capital.

View or download the Total Factory Applied Protection brochure

View or download Available Colours chart

View or download Available Stains

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer glazing units from leading Europe’s manufacturer Press-Glas. Conformity with the ISO norms is a guarantee of high quality and reliability of offered products and services.

As a standard all our glazing units supplied with warm edge spacer bar.

Warm edge spacer can be different colours. For more information click here 

Nordwin System can be supplied with:

  • Double glazed Units (Argon Gas, LOW E, Warm Edge Spacer) Standard for more info click
  • Solar control Units (optional) for more info click
  • Leaded Units (optional) for more info click
  • Obscure Units (optional) for more info click
  • Safety & Security Units (optional) for more info click
  • Fire resistant Units (optional) for more info click

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