The high-performance Triple Glazed Outward opening aluminium cladded timber window system. Originally designed for the Scandinavian market windows are made using centuries-old Scandinavian traditions andGerman technological Know-howexperience in composite window manufacture. Scandinavian type composite windows are popular and in great demand in the Nordic countries as well as UK. Scandinavian windows is the product tested by time and harsh weather conditions, which reflects the long-standing tradition, time-tested and well-established technology trends.


  • Laminated timber frame (Pine, Oak, Sapele)
  • Maintenance free Aluminium cladding
  • Fully factory finished ready to install
  • Triple glazed U-0.8 W/m2k
  • Door and screen systems available
  • PN Hardware(Denmark)Window Ironmongery as standard
  • ASSA ABLOY Door Ironmongery as standard
  • Concealed hinge Ironmongery
  • 10 year warranty
  • Lift and slide doors, French type and Single leaf doors.
  • Shaped windows available (Triangular, Round, Arched)

Side swing 90° – A side swing window is a modern outward opening window, where the sash typically can be opened to 90 degrees in the horizontal plane. This function is usable on smaller windows up to a sash width of 900 mm, where it is necessary to be able to clean the window from the inside. By loosening a screw in the fitting the window can be opened to 120 degrees, which makes the cleaning easier. This is a simple and reliable window type, which is very popular.

90° Top Slide “Top Sliding“ – This type of window is very common in modern Scandinavian family houses today.
This type of window has today replaced the traditional top hung windows, as they are very user friendly. They open less outwards than a top hung window, but they still provide more ventilation. When opening, the sash slides down in the top and thereby provides ventilation also in the top of the window.

Top Swing 180° Reversible. A top swing 180 degrees window is a modern outward opening window, where the sash can be turned approx. 170 degrees on the vertical plane. This function is especially usable, where it is necessary that the window can be cleaned from the inside.
As the sash turns outside the frame, this type of window also has the advantage, that it can be opened without removing flowers, curtains and other decorations from the windowsill.

Endless Shape design available.

Freedom of choice by TEKNOS (Finland)

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer windows coated with paints and stains from leading Europe’s manufacturer TEKNOS

Windows can be painted to any RAL Classic colour chart colours.

Dual colour available. (Windows, doors painted with different colours outside & inside).

Various stains available as standard. If there is a requirement to match interior or exterior stain colours to existing elements (Flooring, furniture etc ) Nonstandard stains available on request.

All windows are finished with Teknos Total Factory Applied Protection (TFAP) systems which allow joinery manufacturers to produce fully engineered exterior joinery, with almost unlimited colour choice, in a single integrated finishing process.

By combining topically applied preservation technology, novel end-grain and joint sealing with protective basecoats and a flexible microporous paint system, the Teknos system allows manufacturers to meet the latest European performance standards whilst reducing process times and working capital.

View or download the Total Factory Applied Protection brochure

View or download Available Colours chart

View or download Available Stains chart

Aluminium Finishes

Swiss quality by

All our aluminium profiles are powder coated using leading IGP Pulvertechnik AG (Switzerland)

powders and coatings.  Marine powder coating available for better protection of windows on coastal locations.


Weather-resistant coating system for metal facades and structural components in exterior environments.


Outgassing-friendly, weather-resistant coating powder for application on exhalating substrates.


Highly weather-resistant coating powder with low curing temperatures.

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer glazing units from leading Europe’s manufacturer Press-Glas. Conformity with the ISO norms is a guarantee of high quality and reliability of offered products and services.

As a standard all our glazing units supplied with warm edge spacer bar.

Warm edge spacer can be different colours. more information

Nord System can be supplied with:

  • Double glazed Units (Argon Gas, LOW E, Warm Edge Spacer) more info
  • Triple glazed Units (Argon Gas, LOW E, Warm Edge Spacer) more info
  • Solar control Units (optional) more info
  • Acoustic Units (optional) more info
  • Leaded Units (optional) more info
  • Bullet Proof Units (optional)
  • Obscure Units (optional) more info
  • Safety & Security Units (optional) more info
  • Fire resistant Units (optional) more info

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer Open out windows & doors fitted with ironmongery from leading Danish manufacturer PN Beslag (Denmark).

PN Hardware is to perform good and trustworthy business practice and is to be a reliable collaborator for customers, suppliers and society.

All NORD windows are fitted with PN UNI System Hardware.

Efficient adjustable friction. Tested according to the demands from:

  • NDVK – Norwegian Door and Window Control
  • VSO – The Association of Danish Window Manufacturers
  • BSI – British Standards Institution

PN UNI System is a flexible professional system for all types of outward opening windows.


A uniform frame and sash profile makes it possible to mount all types of window fittings in a standard-made window.

The system is developed particularly for use in multi-storey buildings, business premises and institutional buildings demanding the highest degree of strength and durability, necessary safety functions such as child restrictor catch and reverse catch.

PN UNI System builds on a large groove in frame and sash making room for one of the strongest systems with incorporated child restrictor and reverse catch. The system can manage a sash weight of up to 60 kg and a sash height of up to 160 cm.
PN UNI System is used for all types of windows to all kind of building work. The fittings ensure a uniform appearance of windows – of any function.
The system is available in the following versions:

  • Projecting top hung
  • Top swing
  • Side hung
  • Projecting side hung
  • Side swing


Standard handles from MILA

  • Lockable
  • No lockable

Optional designer handles:

For Turnstyle design handles click on logo

For traditional handles please click on Anvil logo

All our windows can be supplied with Trickle vents if required:

Available colours: anodised (natural aluminium colour), brown and white.

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