Traditional English timber sliding sash windows, which look just like the original windows yet meet the new compulsory standards.

Timber sliding sash windows are suitable for replacements in historic listed buildings and conservation areas. Modern sash windows are also available for new contemporary buildings.Original sash windows consist of two glazed sashes, which slide vertically in a timber frame, supported by cords that are balanced with lead weights. In windows with spiral balances the sash can slide and tilt.Box sash windows usually have thin glazing bars, decorated with oval or lambs-tongue mouldings, and shutters were often positioned either side with similar detailing to provide security or warmth.We fit high quality balances: spiral and weights supplied from “UK Balance” and “Mighton”. In addition we can supply a range of linings, window boards and architraves in matching material.



  • Laminated timber frame (Pine, Oak)
  • Made to measure
  • Traditional look, like for like replacement available
  • Fully factory finished ready to install
  • Double & Triple glazing available
  • Door and screen systems available
  • Mighton hardware as standard
  • Internally beaded
  • 10 year warranty

Shaped windows available (Triangular, Round, Arched)

Timber Sash Windows – Straight Slider  The traditional vertical straight sliding window has been made for the last 300 years or more, in our window however, we have two modifications. One is that the sashes are operated by spiral balances as opposed to weights and pulleys, although these can be incorporated if required, (Albeit at an additional cost). The other is that we have applied up to date technology and design to the seals, on both the weatherproofing and sound insulation. The sashes are secured with a solid brass Fitch Fastener.

Timber Sash Windows – Slide & Tilt  The Slide & Tilt window is the same as a vertical straight slider, but with tilt-in facility, primarily for cleaning purposes. This is only manufactured with spiral balances, operating within an aluminium channel. The sashes are again secured by a solid brass Fitch Fastener. Traditional handles cannot be an integral part of the sashes as they would impede the operational function of this window. We can however attach dummy handles.

Timber Sash Windows – Vari Vent  The vari-vent window is what we consider to be the jewel in our crown. This is a window which we have designed and developed ourselves. To our knowledge we are the only company in the world that manufactures this window.Primarily it looks like a vertical straight slider, but for ease of use and to obtain maximum ventilation the top sash opens outwards on stainless steel friction stays while the bottom slides vertically and tilts inwards. The bottom sash is fitted with two 100mm brass slide bolts so that the bottom sash can be secured whilst the top sash is open. When completely closed, the sashes are secured by a brass locking casement fastener.

Endless Shape design available.

Freedom of choice by TEKNOS (Finland)

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer windows coated with paints and stains from leading Europe’s manufacturer TEKNOS.

Windows can be painted to any RAL Classic colour chart colours.

Dual colour available. (Windows, doors painted with different colours outside & inside).

Various stains available as standard. If there is a requirement to match interior or exterior stain colours to existing elements (Flooring, furniture etc ) Nonstandard stains available on request.

All windows are finished with Teknos Total Factory Applied Protection (TFAP) systems which allow joinery manufacturers to produce fully engineered exterior joinery, with almost unlimited colour choice, in a single integrated finishing process.

By combining topically applied preservation technology, novel end-grain and joint sealing with protective basecoats and a flexible microporous paint system, the Teknos system allows manufacturers to meet the latest European performance standards whilst reducing process times and working capital.

View or download the Total Factory Applied Protection brochure

View or download Available Colours chart

View or download Available Stains chart

Rawington Ltd is proud to offer glazing units from leading Europe’s manufacturer Press-Glas. Conformity with the ISO norms is a guarantee of high quality and reliability of offered products and services.

As a standard all our glazing units supplied with warm edge spacer bar.

Warm edge spacer can be different colours. more information

Sash windows can be supplied with:

  • Double glazed Units (Argon Gas, LOW E, Warm Edge Spacer) Standard more info
  • Triple glazed Units (Argon Gas, LOW E, Warm Edge Spacer) Standard more info
  • Solar control Units (optional) more info
  • Acoustic Units (optional) more info
  • Leaded Units (optional) more info
  • Obscure Units (optional) more info
  • Safety & Security Units (optional) more info
  • Fire resistant Units (optional) more info

Traditional All of our sash window weights including lead, steel and stackable offer great value and are particularly cost effective. They’re also extremely practical as they can be used within, 95% of all sash windows, making them hugely popular.

Type D Balances These are light duty, economical general purpose balances for domestic or commercial applications. They are manufactured in three weight groups suitable for sashes having glazed weights of up to 18.15Kg (40lbs) and service hatches up to 6.8Kg (15lbs). All ‘D’ type balances are adjustable within their weight range to suit actual glazed sash weights. A special adjustment tool is available. Where maximum assisted lift is necessary it is advisable to use ‘F’ type balances when sash weights exceed 17Kg (3.5lbs).

Type F,K and M Balances   These are heavy duty balances, purpose-made to suit actual sash weights. They incorporate a mechanical feature which, using a screw driver, allows for fine adjustment to be made on site, thus achieving accurate equilibrium with the sash. Subsequently, minimum effort is required to lift heavier installations. These balances are particularly recommended for retirement homes, hospitals or nursing homes.

Accessories Brass Guide Catch & Key A superior quality guide catch for use with the Balance UK Supertilt, Mighton, Caldwell and Reddiseals window systems, featuring a key-operated solid brass rack bolt mechanism. Fingerpulls Traditional style finger-pulls supplied in solid brass also available in alternative finishes. Jamb Channel A high-quality powder coated aluminium Jamb channel, developed by Balance UK, Mighton, Caldwell hardware and Reddiseals for the Supertilt window system. It is also suitable for conventional slide and tilt applications using tilt shoes. Available in White and Brown. Tilt Shoes and Pivot bars A complete range of tilt shoes and pivot bars to suit all slide and tilt applications in PVC-U, Aluminium and Timber windows. Plastic Guide Catch A Plastic Guide Catch suitable for Slide and Tilt Applications, featuring a locking device to prevent accidental tilting.


Sash pulleys, lifts, cords can be supplied according any requirements. There are endless styles and designs.

For pulleys please click here 

For lifts please click here

For locks please click here

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